Our History

Ahmed Insurance Agency
Ahmed Insurance Agency was founded in 1959 by George Ahmed . George first opened the doors of his new business selling insurance and offering real estate sales and service. In the 1970s, George recognized that insurance was developing into a more specialized and professional service industry, and began to move away from the real estate aspects of the business. Around the same time, George’s wife, Florence, took over the insurance operation in 1975 and expanded the types of personal insurance coverage offerings from primarily auto to homeowners’, boat, and umbrella policies as well.

In the 1990s a new generation of insurance professionals joined Ahmed Insurance Agency. Having graduated from Marian Court College in 1987 and Nichols College in 1990, Pamela and Stephen brought new perspectives and a wealth of knowledge to the business. As a result, the Agency was introduced to new computer systems and began to offer commercial line policies including business insurance, commercial auto policies, small contractors insurance and worker’s compensation insurance.

Today Ahmed Insurance Agency continues to grow by maintaining the latest technologies and providing a wide variety of policies including personal, commercial and life insurance, as well as financial services. While the business keeps transforming and adapting to remain current and competitive, Ahmed Insurance Agency is proud to stay committed to professional and personalized service for each and every customer.