Blizzard & Winter Storm Disaster Tips

blizzardandwinterstormtipsWinter storms bring more than simply cold temperatures and snow. Winter storms mean ice, wind, and dangerous driving conditions, and subsequently damage and losses.

In order to be better prepared, here are some helpful hints for preventative measures before a winter storm or blizzard:

  • Compile a written or videotaped inventory of household possessions and property. Store this information in a safe place with insurance policies, important documents, and other valuables.
  • In case of a power outage or loss of heating keep a supply of extra blankets.
  • Additionally make sure each member of your household has easily accessible and appropriate winter clothing: warm coat, mittens or gloves, a hat, and winter/water-resistant boots.
  • Assemble a disaster supply kit: first aid kit, essential medications, battery-powered radio, flashlight, extra batteries, de-icer for your car, canned food, non-electric can opener, and bottled water.
  • Winterize your car early in the season. Some basic tips for winterizing include: checking the engine oil and coolant, inspecting the battery and cables, switching to snow or all-season tires, and an emergency auto kit, which should have flares, blankets, boots, radio, engine oil, washer fluid, a flashlight, and coolant.
  • Keep your gas tank full for emergency use and to prevent the fuel line from freezing.
  • Consider taking a first aid class from the Red Cross to learn how to treat frostbite, hypothermia, and other conditions related to cold exposure.

If you experience damages due to a winter storm, here are some tips for what to do after:

  • Call your independent insurance agent as soon as possible.
  • Make temporary repairs to prevent further damage.
  • Delay permanent repairs until your insurer approves claim and adjustments. Save evidence of destroyed or damaged property for insurance adjuster, and do not sign or agree to anything with contractors, lawyers, or public adjusters until after you meet with your insurance adjuster.
  • Acquire any necessary construction permits from community.
  • Keep all receipts for repairs.
  • Prepare an inventory of all damaged or destroyed personal property and valuables.

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