We have collected information from some of the most commonly asked questions about insurance coverage and listed them here for your convenience. We hope you will find the information helpful. Please feel free to contact us for answers to your questions not listed.

For Home Owners

Will filing one claim on my homeowners insurance cause my rates to go up?
No. In most cases, once an insurer reviews your loss history and finds none, one claim should not affect your rates. If the claim exposes some greater risk on your property, however, such as owning a trampoline or new swimming pool, then you may face a rate increase or possible non-renewal of your policy.
If a tree falls on my house from my neighbor's yard, who pays for the damage?
Generally the insurance responsibility lies with whoever’s property is damaged. In other words, if a tree falls on your home, no matter where the tree came from, your insurance company should pay for your home repair. There may be exceptions, please contact us for further information.
We're going to be building a house. How do I insure it while it's under construction?
Basically, you just need a standard homeowners policy. You should make sure to tell your insurance agent that the house is currently under construction. Typically a builders risk endorsement is added to the policy, which provides some additional coverage while your home is being built.


How can I save money?
Generally speaking, the best way to save money on your insurance is to select the appropriate coverage and deductible for your unique individual situation. Contact us to review discounts and rates that you may be eligible for.
Do I need to add my child to my MA Auto policy when she obtains her learner’s permit?
No. Until they receive a MA driver’s license, they do not need to be listed. While operating with a learner’s permit, they are operating under the license of the adult driving the vehicle, as required under MA law. Upon licensure, they should be added immediately, with evidence of driver training provided to our office if applicable.


How much does Liability Insurance Cost?
Liability Insurance rates are based on a percentage of payroll, sales, or both depending on the type of business.
How can Ahmed Insurance Agency help my small business be more competitive?
We’ll certainly do more than just sell you an insurance plan. We’ll advise you on how to use insurance wisely to meet your financial and business goals. We begin by sitting together and looking at how your business approaches and manages risk, then we’ll develop a risk management plan just for your business.
What do you mean by risk management?
It means identifying the factors that are a financial or property risk for your business, then figuring out the best way to navigate those risks. Succeeding in business is all about managing risk. Insurance is one component of a risk management strategy but, it is not the only solution.
Can I buy Liability Insurance for one job?
Not usually. Policies are issued on an annual basis.