Filing A Claim

If your insurance claim is an emergency and you wish to report the claim directly to the insurance company, the following is a list of phone numbers for insurance companies with 24-hour insurance claim services. Whether you choose to contact the insurance company directly or not, please call our office at (978) 745-8800 so we can assist with the processing of your claim.

Insurance Companies with 24 Hour Claims Service:

  • AmTrust North America : 1-866-272-9267
  • Quincy Mutual Group: 1-800-490-0047
  • Plymouth Rock Assurance: 1-888-324-1620
  • Safety Insurance: 1-800-951-2100 
  • Foremost Insurance Group
    • Home: 1-800-527-3907
    • Auto: 1-800-274-7865
    • Business: 1-866-967-5256
    • Workers Compensation: 1-800-435-7764
  • Union Mutual of Vermont: 1-800-671-8552
  • Wright National Flood Insurance Company: 1-800-725-9472
  • MPIUA: 1-800-851-8978
  • Bunker Hill Insurance: 1-888-472-5246


RMV Crash Report:

If you’ve been in a serious car accident* make sure to download and fill out this form immediately and return it to both the RMV and the local police department where the accident took place.

Download the Crash Report form.

For more information please visit the Massachusetts RMV website.

*If the accident you were in results in death, serious injury, or damages to any one piece of property in excess of $1,000, you are required by law to complete the form and return it to both the Massachusetts RMV, and the local police department where the accident took place within 5 days of the incident.